Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I had a fake Identity
Hiding behind the facade of good clothes and bad jokes
I put on a show, all the while wishing I could hide backstage
This wasn’t the real me, not what I was intended to be

I had stolen Identity
Told I wasn’t good enough just the way I was
That I’d never make the cut, that I’d never live up
To the good ones,
The real me never existed, you’ll have to start over with something new

Cause I had a broken identity

Like the pieces never quite fit together
And I couldn’t figure out whether, or not
I was better or worse to just fill the cracks with truth or dirt
Either way the brokenness hurt

Because I had a foreign identity
Always felt like I was somewhere I didn’t belong
The signs were all backward, the language was all wrong
The rhythm and the notes didn’t quite fit the songs
But everyone else thinks it’s alright, so I better just assimilate and move on

Then one day, everything changed.

I got an adopted identity
Like a son that once was lost but now is found
Like a soldier returning home and kissing the ground
Not quite home yet but now I know the sound of my father’s voice saying
Welcome back son, its good see you again.

Then I had a complete identity
I knew I was son, the truth and the dirt filled cracks
Gave me worth and closed the gaps.
Even though I can still see the lines, they’re mended,
Blending into the tapestry of my life that’s already hanging in heaven

Because I have a ransomed identity
My credit score has been restored
All the bad choices and wrong decisions,
All the lying voices and hopeless wishes
That held me captive were paid for in an instant
At a price I couldn’t pay or even imagine
Love painted in the blood of a perfect exchange

So I could know my true identity
Holy, Righteous and without blemish, in my father’s eyes
Free from sin and death and lies
Safe, secure, hidden on high
In the arms of my perfect love and savior
The fake made real, the stolen revealed, the broken healed,
the foreign kneeled before the king and master.
The dead things put to death, a new creation raised with Christ
I no longer live but Jesus lives in me

This is my identity.

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